Strike Hosts Racial Justice Speakers Series

As part of our commitment to working to dismantle systemic racism and white supremacy, and to educating ourselves and facilitating educational opportunities for our community, Minnesota Strike, in partnership with Minnesota Ultimate, has organized a Racial Justice Speakers Series.

These events feature a local nonprofit organization working to advance racial justice and equity in Minnesota. The goal of the events is to invite a representative from the featured organization to speak directly to members of the ultimate community through a virtual webinar, and at the same time to raise money for the host organization, in recognition of the need for reparations and redistribution of wealth.

The first event, held March 24, 2021, featured Felicia Philibert, Operations Director of Women for Political Change. Felicia shared a wealth of expertise, and participants gained valuable skills for viewing organizational and power structures through a racial equity lens. In addition, $2,240 was raised for Women for Political Change.

Heather C. Lou, Director of Training for Voices for Racial Justice was the featured speaker in the second event held October 5, 2021. Heather connected with our audience by sharing her experience as an athlete of color and other marginalized identities, and challenged participants to create a specific list of ways that we as individuals can take action to work towards racial equity in our ultimate community. The event raised $1,770 for Voices for Racial Justice.

We hope participants will use the knowledge gained during these sessions as an opportunity for analysis, and to facilitate change and growth in the various institutions they are a part of – from ultimate teams to their workplace and even in their families and social circles. We value the relationships built with these featured organizations and look forward to continuing to support the work that they do.

Stay tuned for an announcement of the third event in the Speakers Series, tentatively scheduled for February 2021.